Why Annual Eye Checks Matter for Seniors

As you age, annual eye check-ups become crucial for maintaining good visual health and independence. Regular eye examinations are essential because, with age, the risk of developing disorders that can impair sight, independence, and vital skills like driving and reading increases. Some of these disorders may have minimal symptoms that go unnoticed.

Recently, there have been changes to eye care coverage from the provincial government. For more information, please call our office.

Age-Related Eyecare Disorders

  • Presbyopia: Natural loss of focusing ability causing eye strain and blur for near vision.
  • Cataracts: Common clouding of the crystalline lens, often requiring a simple surgery.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: Affecting tiny vessels in the eyes, early detection and collaboration with physicians are key.
  • Macular Degeneration: Changes in the retina affecting central vision, manageable with lifestyle, diet, and injections.
  • Glaucoma: The “Silent thief” stealing peripheral vision; early detection is crucial for effective treatment.

Changes in Eye Care Coverage

In efforts to increase access to care for Ontarians with chronic diseases like diabetes and glaucoma, OHIP now covers these conditions annually. However, for seniors, coverage has decreased to every 18 months. While government funding will cover alternate years, it is still highly recommended that seniors have their eyes checked annually.

How to Ensure Regular Eye Checks

Seniors are advised to have their eyes checked annually, even if it means self-paying for exams in alternate years. Early detection and management of eye disorders can significantly contribute to maintaining optimal visual health and overall well-being.

Contact us today to schedule your annual eye examination and ensure a clear vision for a vibrant life!