It is projected that 50% of the world will be nearsighted or myopic by 2050. Although the short term solution is to prescribe glasses or contact lenses, the long term problem is an increase in sight threatening disease with age from glaucoma retinal detachment and macular myopic degeneration.

It is no longer enough to just prescribe thicker glasses and contact lenses. Newer treatments are available in our Myopia Control Clinic In Mississauga that will help slow the progression of myopia and decrease risk of diseases.

Effective Strategies for Myopia Control in Children

Myopia (nearsightedness) control in children is crucial for their eye health. Various strategies can be employed to slow down the progression of myopia. These strategies include:

  • Peripheral Defocus Lenses: Prescription glasses with lenses designed to reduce progression. They are easy to use, requiring no extra effort from children or parents.
  • Low Dose Atropine Drops: Pharmaceutical eye drops with minimal side effects, taken before bedtime. Dosage is adjusted based on the child’s response, requiring close monitoring by an eye doctor.
  • Contact Lens Daytime Use: Pediatric myopia control lenses available in Canada since 2019. Ideal for children resistant to wearing spectacles, with close monitoring required for fit.
  • OK or Dream Lenses: Hard lenses worn while sleeping, designed to flatten the cornea and slow progression. Requires close monitoring, but can decrease dependence on spectacles during the day.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Child

Contact our office to book an appointment and determine the most suitable myopia control strategy for your child. Our team will provide guidance and closely monitor the chosen approach to ensure optimal results.

Invest in your child’s eye health. Contact us today to explore the best myopia control strategy for their unique needs!
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