Dr. Sabrina Ahmed

University of Western Ontario — London, Ontario    Bachelor of Science

University of Waterloo — Waterloo, Ontario    Doctorate of Optometry

Dr. Sabrina Ahmed graduated from University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 1989 before buying an existing Mississauga practice. She developed the practice in many ways through various interests, but her love for advancing clinical diagnosis through imaging technologies has propelled her practice forward.

During her career she has received many awards including a Clinical skills award from Herzig Eye Institute, for the co-management of Refractive surgery, various Practice Excellence awards including one for excellence in pediatric care, but her most prized award is that from her peers at the Ontario Association of Optometry for Political Awareness and Activity. Her clinical interests include Myopia control, Glaucoma as well as Diabetic Retinopathy and applicable treatments amongst what she considers her most vulnerable patient populations.

Dr. Sabrina Ahmed grew up in Northern Ontario and spent her summers on beaches learning to swim and hiking where she honed the art of blue berry picking. She has fond memories of her youth in India, Pakistan, America and England all of where she finds her numerous relatives. She also has a passion for biking and cooking but mostly enjoys her evenings with her family.

She has a keen interest in art, studying fine art in university she has always felt she was supposed to be an artist despite the fulfillment she receives practicing optometry. She has said that she receives the most fulfillment from the relationships she builds with patients, staff and collogues that drives her continue working despite the many years she has worked.

She is married to a local family physician Dr. Suleman Remtulla who is a teacher in clinical skills at the University of Toronto School of Medicine Mississauga campus. He has taught her much and mostly taught her improved communicating skill amongst patients and to other health care professional. Additionally, as the daughter of a Professor of Psychology she has a love of learning and whether it is in the field of optometry or art, cooking or politics. Her passion for learning and contributing to the community surpass all.   She is an active donator to the local food bank organizing many food drives and helped establish the Fight for Sight program amongst local high schools. She involves herself in politics by actively pursuing the volunteering in political associations to better understand the community she lives in and improve the quality of delivery of eye care.

She is first and foremost, a warm and caring optometrist in Meadowvale & Mississauga who is driven by the desire to find the best way to correct vision and eye problems for her patients. She personally oversees and is involved in all aspects of a patient’s service at her clinic and strives to create “the Gold Standard for the delivery of Eyecare.”

Food drives and donations:

Numerous times during the year, Dr Ahmed makes the effort to support the local food banks with numerous food drives and donations.  She supports both Eden Food banks locally in Mississauga and Humanity First in Vaughn as well as the local Women’s Shelter.  The largest food drive is organized annually, during Ramadan for Eden Food Banks  the largest local non-denominations food bank servng both Mississauga and its surrounding areas.  Annually during Hallowe’en , patients are giving the opportunity to  donate left over candies that are then sent to the local Women’s shelter , the food bank or to Orphanages abroad in third world countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines.