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What does OHIP currently cover?2023-11-19T09:56:07-05:00

What does OHIP currently cover?

Did you know that children and seniors are still covered for eye examinations under OHIP?

  • Children – aged 0 to 19 years: One full eye examination annually and unlimited partial assessments throughout that year.
  • Adults – 20 to 64: No OHIP coverage for eye examinations unless it is deemed medical necessity. See list below. Contact your extended health plan for added coverage.
  • Seniors – 65 and above: One full eye examination annually and unlimited partial assessments throughout that year

People with diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, ambylopia, strabismus, visual field defects, retinal disease and corneal disease will be covered by OHIP. Some ocular emergencies like eye infections are not covered.

Many Ontario insurance companies have added eye examinations to their coverage.

OHIP no longer covers assessments of contact lenses or related problems.

Please contact us to find out what the fees are for non-OHIP covered services.

Am I a candidate for Laser Surgery?2023-11-19T09:57:43-05:00

Are you a candidate for Lasik surgery?


Complementary consultations are available to help you determine if you are good candidate for the surgery. Each eye is different and as such laser technology specific to your needs will be discussed with and unbiased point of view. As well during the consultation you will learn the risks and benefits of the procedure. You will be kept abreast of the latest technologies and whether it is the technology for you.


  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have stable vision for at least a year prior to the surgery
  3. Be free of diseases of the cornea or retina
  4. Have good general health
  5. Have a prescription within a certain range
  6. Have adequate corneal thickness


The goal of Lasik surgery is to make you independent from spectacles, to make you completely functional without glasses. However you must continue to have regular eye examinations to maintain the health of your eyes.

To book a consultation, click here.

Can optometrist’s glasses cost less?2023-11-19T09:57:13-05:00

Why does it cost less if I get my glasses from an optometrist?

An optometrist is governed by a regulatory body and as such is not allowed to charge a mark up on the eyewear. They are allowed to charge a dispensing fee that is determined by the Ontario Association of Optometrists. This means that usually the same product elsewhere will be more expensive.

Remember the choice of where you purchase your eyewear is your own. However, when you make your decision to buy glasses or contact lenses, go to the professional who fully understands your ocular condition, and who can obtain the best quality eye wear quickly and cost-effectively.


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