In light of the recent Covid-19, our office has undergone a complete Infection Prevention & Control review, and our patients will notice a renewed vigilance to our already comprehensive cleanliness and in-office hygiene.

In order to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible, the following protocols will be in place:

Our Staff Protocol

  • Daily scrub change and laundry, clinic clothes are now worn in public places
  • Surgical Masks
  • Temperature testing daily
  • Socially distancing staff – spreading out staff by creating scheduled shifts
  • Warm lemon water available for staff
  • Hand washing + nitrite gloves

For our Patients

  • Appointment only office entry — screening on all patients.
  • Masks requirement over mouth and nose. Surgical mask preference (If you do not have a mask one is available in our office for you.)
  • Pre-payment before entrance where possible
  • Hand sanitizer. Disposable gloves provided to all patients
  • Breath shields on all bio-microsope,
  • Deferral of all hand held ophtlamispopes to retinal imaging.
  • Disposable occluders for visual acuities, unit dose drops for dilation.
  • Icare tonometry for glaucoma pressure readings
  • All disinfection and care protocol as recommended by medical suppliers
  • Patient chairs, exam chairs, disinfecting between patients.
  • Sneeze shields for front desks.
  • Ophthalmic equipment will be disinfected as before but with more detail.

For our Seniors:

  • Booking seniors at specific times
  • Appointment only office entry / Screening on all patients


  • as many exams that can be done remotely will be done to reduce patient traffic in the office
  • please contact office to schedule tele-health appointment

Exam rooms

  • 3 exam rooms per doc to aid in easy sterilization
  • Breath shields on Slit lamp
  • Disinfection of equipment and exam chair handles between patients
  • Fan to increase air circulation

Pre-test area

  • Disinfection of equipment as per guidance from medical supply companies
  • Fan to aid in air circulation
  • Mask requirement for use of equipment

Physical Distancing

  • 3 exam rooms per doctor to allow for better sterilization and airing between patients
  • reduced waiting room chairs, chairs changed from cloth for easy sanitizing
  • staging patients in their cars via mobile – text and voice; hall exam room; and dispensary.
    (This may mean we are unable to book multiple patients at the same time.)

For our Optical

  • White glove service. You will be provided with nitrite gloves to touch and try on frames
  • No independent browsing of optical. All trying on of frames with optometric assistant.
  • UV sterilization for frames that have been touched by patients,
  • UV sterilization for all frames before delivery

For our Contact Lens Wearers

  • Online store for ordering
  • Home delivery
  • Tele-health option for CL teaching of insertion and removal  with a follow up for fitting assessment

Industry Leaders

  • Support from industry leaders for office protocols and disinfection of instruments:
    • Ontario Association of Optometry
    • Ontario Medical Association.
    • Topcon
    • Ziess medical ophthalmic
    • Plastic Plus
    • Coppervision
    • Alcon