Drop off any old unused glasses you might have at Dr. Ahmed’s office, and we’ll deliver them to someone in need who requires a similar prescription. It’s a project we’re very proud of – read about it below.


The Gift of Sight

Through the University of Waterloo, Dr. Ahmed participates in a program to help people in need get access to corrective eyewear. The University of Waterloo has established an intern program where first and second year students determine the prescripton in the donated glasses and third and fourth year year students are sent to underpriveleged communities and developing countries to do eye exams and prescribe glasses when needed.

In the past students have gone to Jamaica, Gyana, China, and India.

In the words of Dr. Ahmed, “The glasses really do come to good use. I personally went to Jamaica and it was a pleasure to see how happy people were with this very simple little gift. Putting on a cracked pair of old glasses, even with slightly scratched lenses, made the biggest smile appear on the face of an elderly patient that I came across. Nothing can beat that feeling.”

So drop any old glasses you might have and we’ll get them to someone who needs them!